• The President's Illiberal Escalation in Portland Needs to End

    US citzens being disapeared into unmarked vans is exactly the kind of illiberal act NDN has been warning was coming.  It's not okay, and good people of both parties need to rise up and work together to prevent Trump from becoming an American Putin. 

  • With Democrats Things Get Better

    Every other Wednesday we offer our new presentation which does a deep dive on the performance of the two political parties over the past generation of American politics.  It clearly shows that with Democrats things better; Republicans, not so much.

  • A Department of Jobs, Skills and Economic Development

    Simon offers the idea of creating a new government department focused solely on job creation and skill acquisition.

  • To Defeat Illiberalism, Democrats Must Embrace Their Success As A Governing Party

    Over the past 30 years, the Democratic Party has been the most successful center-left party in the developed world.   It is time it started acting like it, and begin to far more purposefully lead the fight against rising illiberalism here and abroad. 

  • NDN's Greatest Hits

    We've put together our most important work over the past 15 years, all in one place. 



Analysis: Should Dems Go For It?
Simon Rosenberg // Fri, July 10

The Biden campaign faces a big strategy choice in the coming days - how manystates to play in? How big shoulld the battlefield be? Argument for going big is very compelling right now. 

The Coming Reckoning With Russia
Simon Rosenberg // Mon, June 29

Russia's assassination campaign against US and UK troops in Afghanistan should lead to a broad review of its years of attacks on US interests and the West, and a firm and sustained response. 

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ssr粉飞机 // Thu, June 25

As bad as the election looks right now for the President and his party, things may actually get far worse in the coming months. 

On COVID, WTF Is the President Doing?
Simon Rosenberg // Wed, June 17

Based on the President's actions of the past few weeks, we are at the point where we have to wonder whether he's decided that he wants the virus to spread and for more Americans to fall ill and die.  Is there another explanation?. 

Daily Beast Column Gives High Praise to NDN's "With Democrats" Presentation
Simon Rosenberg // Wed, June 17

Noted journalist Mike Tomasky did a deep dive on our new "With Democrats" presentation and wrote "It is fascinating. You need to know about it. The entire country needs to know about it." 

Out of Tragedy, Hope
Simon Rosenberg // 小火箭ssr永久免费节点

This have been a very hard few months for this great nation, but in the last few days it feels like that sense of despair and anguish has become to turn into something more hopeful an uplifting. 

C'mon Mr. President, Wear A Mask
Simon Rosenberg // Tue, May 26

The President's refusal to embrace masking as America re-opens is indefensible, and raises questions about whether he still understands what is happening around him. 

A New Role for Elected Officials — Community Truth Teller, COVID Navigator
Simon Rosenberg // Thu, March 26

The COVID19 crisis is an opportunity for elected officials here in the US to take on a new and powerful role - truth teller, community leader, COVID navigator. 


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